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Brixen/Bressanone, Italy
20-25 June, 2016

La European Society for Photobiology organizza la Scuola internazionale di Fotobiologia per offrire una panoramica introduttiva dei principali aspetti della Fotobiologia presentati da esperti internazionale di ciascuna area di ricerca.La scuola privilegia la partecipazione di studenti che stanno svolgendo il loro dottorato di ricerca, offerndo loro la possibilità di affrontare un esame finale che da diritto al riconoscimento del supplemento ESP al titolo di Dottore di Ricerca.

ESP is pleased to announce the 2016 ESP Photobiology School, taking place in Brixen/Bressanone in South Tyrol, Italy.
The purpose of the school is to provide an introductory overview of all main aspects of photobiology, presented by experts in each area. The intention of the school is to cover the basic principles of photobiology and photochemistry of biomolecules as well as applications of such knowledge in understanding effects of climatic changes, influence of light on biological systems, applications of light in medicine and related purposes.
The school will include basic lectures in each field that should be attended by all participants as well as optional special lectures in the same fields. The students will have the opportunity to present their results at a poster session.
The course may act as a foundation for further research in the photobiological sciences. The attendants may be MSc- and PhD-students as well as others who would be interested in an overview of the photobiological sciences. However, the course is primarily designed for PhD students. After completion of the course an attendance certificate will be provided to all the students. In addition, an optional short final test will be offered at the end of the course and an exam certificate will be provided after evaluation of the exam results.
Passing the exam will entitle students to apply for the ESP supplement to the Ph.D. Degree.
Students are encouraged to submit an abstract of their research to be presented as a poster during the School. The posters will be evaluated by the lecturers and the School attendee with the best poster will be awarded the Giulio Jori travel fellowship to present the poster at the ESP Congress in Pisa, 4 - 8th September 2017.The award will be given in Pisa, where the poster will be highlighted in the Congress programme.

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