During the IUPB executive board interim meeting held on July 12th, the members of the Executive Board selected the 2019 IUPB awardees as follows:
The Finsen medalists:
Henry Lim, USA, for his contributions in Photomedicine (Photodermatology)
Janet Bornman, Australia, for her contributions in Environmental Photobiology
Silvia Braslavsky, Germany, for her contributions in Sensory Photobiology
Edna Roe Lecturer:
Lesley Rhodes, UK, for her contributions in Photomedicine (Photodermatology)
Finsen Lecturer:
Scott Byrne, Australia, for his contributions in Photomedicine (Photoimmunology)
The awards will be presented and each of the awardees will deliver a lecture at the IUPB-ESP World Congress on Light and Life (Joint 17th International Congress on Photobiology & 18th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology)) to be held in Barcelona, Spain, on August 25-30, 2019.

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