A 12-months post-doc position (funded by the Burgundy Franche-Comté region), entitled "Tunable Near-Infrared Fluorophores Hybrids for Biolabeling/BioSensing Applications" is available at the "Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne" (ICMUB, UMR 6302), Dijon, France, starting December, the 1st 2017. The salary is 2000 €/month (2650 $/month) including a full social security coverage. This post-doc position is open to a French or foreign researcher having a Ph.D. degree since 5 years maximum.

The research project proposes to design a novel class of tunable near-infrared (NIR) organic-based fluorophores based on bacteriochlorin and diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) scaffolds. These novel NIR fluorophores will be next tested on cell culture (two-photon excited microscopy, two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging, …) and in vivo on zebra fish and xenopus embryos in close collaboration with a Strasbourg lab (CAMB, UMR 7199, team "Chimie et Neurobiologie Moléculaire", Dr. F. Bolze). The main task will be devoted to synthesis of functionalized chlorins/bacteriochlorins and DPP derivatives, their covalent association by different approaches and their full spectroscopic characterization by physicochemical techniques such as NMR (600 and 500 MHz), MS (MALDI/TOF and ESI), UV-vis, IR, … Their fluorescence properties will be also studied in detail.

The candidate should be a (bio)organic chemist (ideally including an experience in porphyrin or DPP chemistry and/or in advanced photophysics) familar with modern synthetic methodologies, purification techniques and avanced analytical techniques, given that he/she will prepare and characterize chlorins/bacteriochlorins. He/she will be also in charged of the photophysical measurements. The candidate must also possess a good ability to draft reports and publications in english language and positively interact with young researchers involved in the project (Ph.D. and master students).

Please send by e-mail

an application letter

a detailed curriculum vitae

and 1 or 2 recommendation letters

before september, the 27th



1) Prof. Claude P. Gros

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2) Prof. Anthony Romieu (IUF)

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